The Journal of Applied Economics and Business Studies (JAEBS) is an open access and double-blind peer reviewed journal. The following is the editorial workflow that every manuscript submitted to the journal undergoes during the course of the peer review process.

Stepts Tasks Description
Step 1 Desk Review

Each article goes through a strict desk review process to ensure that the article:

  1. is according to the aim and scope of the journal;
  2. contributes to the existing knowledge; and
  3. does not exceed the allowable similarity index.
Step 2 Local Review

Qualifying the first steps leads the article to the local review process. Local reviewer is an expert appointed by the editorial board given his/her expertise in the area of the research presented in the paper under review.

Step 3 Foreign Review

If the local reviewer accepts the paper, the article is sent back to the author for incorporating the comments. Depending on the nature of comments, the article could be either sent back to the local reviewer or it is sent to two foreign reviewers appointed from technological advanced countries.

Step 4 Revision

Comments of the foreign reviewers are communicated to authors. Once the reviewers are satisfied from the changes/corrections made, then the article is processed to the next stage. The article can be rejected at this stage as well.

Step 5 Verification of corrections

All the corrections are duly checked and verified by the editorial team as well as reviewers.

Step 6 Paper Acceptance

When corrections are deemed satisfactory, then the paper is declared as “Accepted”.

Step 7 Proofreading

The concerned editor, proof read the article. The same paper is also sent to the authors for proof reading and approving the changes.

Step 8 Gallery Proof

Gallery proof of the article is sent to the corresponding author for approval.

Step 9 Published (Print & Online)

The paper is immediately uploaded to the website before printing it. The article is printed once the volume is completed.