Two sessions on “Definitions & Purpose of doing M&E, its Principles and Standards”

Prof. Dr. Usman Mustafa, Senior Consultant, PEPRI conducted five days training course on M&E at AHK National Centre for Rural Development/ (NCRD) on September 28, 2020. The session covered two parts. The first session deals with the definition and difference of monitoring & evaluation (M&E). Session highlighted the role of M&E in Project Management, the evaluation criteria, hierarchy of performance and management. Tools, methods, approaches of M&E, and purposes of doing M&E were presented. Ten principles of effective M&E of the implementation of national anti-corruption strategies and action plans were presented as case study. In the second session dealt with standards, why do we need standards? standards for M&E, difference between guidelines & standards. The course was attended by various senior and middle level officers and officials belonging to government, non-government al and academic sector as from all over the country, entrusted with and interested in improving and learning skills to conduct research in their respective areas.